Flood Contest Winners:

Louis L.: 2 bottles of wine and $100 gift certificate. One bottle for guessing closest to amount of cases carried out of winery first day, one bottle for being the funniest fb supporter aka he commented on every status with hilarious jokes, and 100 gift card for guessing how much wine would get in winery---0.0

Dianna F.:1 bottle for guessing the amount of bottles broken first day

Ena J.: 1 bottle for guessing amount of staff brought in for support for first day

Gregg F.: 1 bottle for funniest rhyme on how Tams looked after being in rain all day

Tari P.: 1 bottle for her whitty pun about Tami (Not sure what she looked like, but I bet she's "w(h)inning" for a glass of "dry" wine!)

Bridget S.: 1 bottle for guessing what was in all the tubs in the storage unit

Angela E.: 2 bottles (1 for naming kitten Miracle, one for being the most supportive of all fb friends--- she was great!)

Crystal H.: 1 bottle for guessing that the mysterious hole was Zinfandel the groundhogs home

Congrats to ALL of those that supported the winery during the flood. Everyone has been very helpful and the winery appreciates every gesture.


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