Follow rambling roads from Madison Indiana to Jacksonville Vineyards located on a curvy interlude in nearby Vevay. This beautiful vineyard provides luscious fruit for Madison's oldest winery, Lanthier Winery. What once were fields of tobacco are now sunny, rolling hillsides sprouting posts and wires. Draped vines glisten with clusters of wine grapes. Welcome to one of the best vineyards in the Midwest.

The auspicious title of the Ohio River Wine Grape Appellation was awarded to the rolling hills of Southeastern Indiana years ago. Since that time, vineyards have begun to replace the traditional crops of corn and tobacco. To learn more about  grape growing or wine grape regions visit indianawines.org

The hills of Steve and Mona Crabtree’s vineyard sit high above the Ohio River moments away from Madison Indiana. The ideal location allows warm breezes to rustle the grape leaves and push back the killing fingers of late spring frosts. Lanthier Winery wines are proudly produced from the grapes of Jacksonville Vineyards, where some of the best fruit is available to Indiana vintners.
Lanthier Winery grapes are hand picked, placed in bins for rinsing and tossed into the crusher-destemmer where sharp blades rotate to break the grapes skin and remove any stems, seed or debris.

What remains following the "crush" is grape must.  The "must" will then be transported to Lanthier Winery where Cellarmaster Chris Lanthier will press the grapes to make juice.




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