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Just Me...Justin

Hi, my name is Justin, and I am a sophomore at Jennings County High School. If I have spare time during the week, and sometimes in the summer, I am also an employee at Lanthier Winery.

My favorite sport is football. I like playing rough and being a team player.

I am currently living at home with my mom and dad. Home life is a bit busy, or you might just call it crazy. My parents breed cats. At the present time we have a total 23 cats roaming around the house or anywhere they can find to hide or cozy up in a nice warm bed. Check out all the different cat breeds. There is never a dull moment with several types of breeds all in one place. Each cat has its own individual personality and need. Some love to be loved, and others just simply want to be left alone. And then there is a few that like to cause trouble. You might say they have a cat-attitude every once in a while!


While working at Lanthier Winery, I have learned so many things such as responsibility and team work. I am even learning how to use the bobcat. I really enjoy working a lot with my good friend Shawn. We work well together. It’s not always like the ole saying goes of all work and no play though. We have our usual shenanigans as most high school boys do. We do our fair share of horsing around, but still manage to get the job done. One if the things we like to do is to have races breaking down boxes, and making huge mulching piles through the paths in the garden. Shawn is a nut likes posing for pictures - like one day he had a rake in his hand like it was a woman, he then twisted his hat around backwards and said “do I look cool like this?"

I guess if I had a least favorite thing to do at the winery it would be moving the huge logs down from the hill side. One of their jobs that we have a hard time doing is keeping the shed nice and neat. I guess the lesson to be learned is to put things back right the first time where it belongs and you won’t have to worry the next time. My favorite thing is when Tami puts out lots of candy and Girl Scout cookies to try to make us gain weight and keep us happy. I really enjoy my time at work, and spend a lot of time keeping Lanthier Winery looking nice and running smoothly. All of my co-workers are like family and Tami always makes sure that there is plenty of ice cold Yoo-Hoos and beef jerky after a hard day’s work. All in all, I am digging my job!

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