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  • Julie Canfield Lanthier Winery Hospitality

Wine Tasting Tips

Most wineries invite you to join them in their tasting rooms year round to sample wines. Most would appreciate you tasting responsibly. Below are a few tips to remember while visiting Lanthier Winery.

· Be sure to let staff know what kind of wine if any you normally enjoy drinking. While its good to try different options its best to taste the ones you enjoy the most.

· Staff will normally limit the size of your samples to less than one ounce so that you can sample several wines. 5 ounces of wine is a legal serving.

· Don’t over indulge on tasting and try to drive.

· Have a designated driver.

· Feel free to picnic at Lanthier Winery but it’s against the law for you to bring outside alcoholic beverages onto the winery property.

· Children are welcome even during event weekends but please keep an eye on them. An unsupervised child can get hurt.

· Remember no one under 21 may sample wine not even your children- not even if you serve them.

· And be aware, it is illegal for a tasting room employee to serve wine to anyone that appears under the influence even if they have a designated driver. Under the influence means many things- you need not look intoxicated for service to be denied.

· Wearing cologne or perfume the day of wine tasting can affect your enjoyment and inhibit your ability to truly taste the wine. 80% of your sense of taste actually comes from the smell of what you eat and drink. So if you wear a heavy cologne, that’s what you will smell, this in return will greatly affect your ability to truly taste the wine. Moral of the story – skip the smelly stuff.

· Enjoy a cracker in between wine samples. It helps you identify which wines you like best

· Never reverse yourself on the tasting sheet. Start with the driest wine you intend to taste and work towards the sweeter.

· Remember the best wine is the wine you like best. Have fun – Be polite and enjoy the experience!



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