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Madison, Indiana's oldest winery and a favorite tourist destination to those who live and visit in Historic Madison, Indiana

More than award winning wine



At Lanthier Winery we are more than just wine; we  believe in creating happiness, fostering new friendships, supporting our community and  making our corner of the world more beautiful. We are the winery with a laughter filled tasting room where  lasting memories are built year after year.  We are home to joy filled getaways with friends, anniversary celebrations, the family's traditional holiday destination, and a quick, unexpected stop to wander our fragrant garden surrounding the old brick "house of ill repute" and fort that is home to Madison Indiana's oldest winery. Experience the feeling of stepping into something wonderfully unexpected.  You'll  feel as if you are wandering a far away place, but know you are so close to home.  We strive to create a moment that will immerse you in unexpected pleasure and fun filled moments.  Don't worry if you don't know much about wine or even what kind of wine you like. Lanthier Winery has a strict no wine snobs allowed  policy as the winery family embraces 'the best wine, is the wine you like best' mantra to the fullest. Step up to the the tasting counter and enjoy FREE samples of our award winning, handcrafted wines; we are here to create an adventure you can taste and an experience you can celebrate. Let us help you make a memory. Stop by and see us today!

"The best wine is the
wine YOU like best"



Experience the Difference

  • Enjoy a Relaxed Wine Tasting - in our cellar tasting room, there is no rush. We believe that the best wine is the wine that you like best. Enjoy your tasting with our knowledgeable and welcoming staff, then head to the Loft Gallery or gardens to explore. 

  • Our Community is our Business - Lanthier Winery supports community giving, donating to good causes and volunteering. The winery supports many causes and organizations and is proud to work with so many others that have the same mind set.

  • Events & Promotions - events and promotions vary month to month and include a range of events in the Loft Gallery to the Garden. Ask our staff about wine promotions on your visit. Holiday wines go on sale the day after Thanksgiving and are available through the end of the year. 

  • Learning Never Gets Old - between workshops, classes, hosting events, and hiring interns from area colleges, the winery is an educational hot spot. Educational areas range from wine, business, gardening, and art to driving a bobcat, event planning, and decorating. The winery strives to continue educating those on staff and those that visit.

  • Garden of Art & Loft Gallery - only at Lanthier Winery. The Garden of Art and Loft Gallery feature art pieces in a range of forms. From thought out floral layouts in the gardens to indoor and outdoor paintings, sculptures and glass works, our extensive fine art collection is continuously expanding. 

Lanthier Winery 123 Mill Street Madison Indiana
pre-Lanthier Winery




It was 1990 when Chris Lanthier and his soon-to-be bride, Tami Hagemier, purchased the property at 123 Mill Street in Historic Madison, Indiana.

As most people know, the best way to start a marriage is to purchase a restoration project that would take 12 months just to remove debris from decades of neglect.

Fast forward 4 years, to 1994, and the winery finally opens its doors and quickly makes its mark in the 'world of wine.'

Presently, the winery is a highly visited tourist destination with many beloved events and promotions that take place throughout the year.

Lanthier Winery doesn't just stick to wine, it also houses the Loft Gallery and one of the Nation's only outdoor fine art galleries. Lanthier Winery brought life to the historic grounds of Mill Street and, like fine wine, continues to improve with age.

Check out what Lanthier Winery loves...

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