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The Floods



On March 9th, 1997 - just a few years after opening the winery - The Ohio River was continuing to rise into the winery. View the 1997 photos to see the river taking over the winery (it crested two feet higher on March 11, 1997). After it crested it began a slow seven day decent, leaving behind a muddy mess.

A view of Lanthier Winery looking west on the north side of the property can be seen below in the photos. The winery entrance is completely submerged and only a few tall evergreens are visible in the north garden.

Upon being warned of the impending flood- friends and family pitched in to help save 'what could be saved.'  On advice of experienced 'river rats' a garden hose was attached to the entrance door so crews could enter the winery while there was still plenty of water to help ease the clean up process.  (heavy things float in water and can be easily moved).  As soon as water dropped to wading height (below chest) Tami followed the floating hose from the north alley, across the garden to the 
entrance door. 


Friends and family arrived by the hundreds to help rescue the winery. Elroy Szabo (see flood photos), stands thigh deep in water to show off his fancy wading pants.  The sign reads-'We are open Sundays' and is sitting on a table floating in the Ohio River, who's murky waters still lingered in the winery more than 8 days after it had crested. Kevin Shadday and Gerry Chase (see flood photos) rowed into the driveway. The dark line on the pole shows the high water mark from the day before.

Lanthier Winery remembers everyone's  special  support and rescue efforts during our Annual Run From the River Sale every March.

March 9, 1997

FLOOD 2011

In April 2011, the Ohio River flooded again, but this time the river found its way into the driveway but didn't make it into the winery. Biggest issue we had was the drains were filling with debris, but we were able to get great assistance from the local fire department to help flush out the drains so we didn't get water backed up and creating more problems.

FLOOD 2018

Our luck ran out in February 2018 as the mighty Ohio decided to visit the winery again and this time got inside. The winery staff, volunteers and community came together and worked diligently to clear out the winery for the least amount of damage possible. The water rose into the winery and throughout the garden, so much that we have kayaking visitors (see 2018 flood gallery). The winery closed from late February, until March 22nd when we had re-opening day. The love, support and assistance we received during this time is remarkable and simply no way to thank everyone enough. This time during the flood the only cool or fun part is that drone video footage was being taken and we were able to see the winery from a bird's eye view. 

2018 Drone Footage - before the crest

2018 Drone Footage - February 25, 2018 - Lanthier Winery at 3:50


Madison Indiana endures a severe flood every 30 years,
minor flooding occurs every 3-5 years.