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Furry & Feathered Friends


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Lanthier Winery is a surprising home to several furry and feathered friends. Over the years, it has grown to include several winery pets. Some live out in the garden, some stroll through the winery and, of course, we always welcome our four legged friends that bring their owners to the winery for a treat, bowl of water water, and a nice stroll through the garden. Their owners like to get a glass of wine, too!

Take time and meet some of our pets and guests! If you are visiting with your furry friend, please share your images with us on Facebook, or email them to us.

Winery Greeter


Gandalf is typically found in The Loft Gallery, on one of several bright colored blankets. His position, at the winery, includes greeting guests, sleeping, and sunbathing. During Festival of Trees, you may find him on the bench, but on a sunny day, you can find him in the window of our private tasting room. He may follow you to The Loft Gallery, or just barely open his eyes to acknowledge you, but just know he is VERY happy to see you.

Drain Pipe Specialist


Chardonel typically stays to himself. He is constantly busy making sure the drain pipe and culverts are clean and clear of debris. He peeks out every now and then, but don't be startled, he is just catching some rays of sunshine and checking on the flowers. He doesn't like his picture taken, but we love him anyway.

MEET THE STAFF... our feathered, four-legged & sometimes no legged ones

Humane Society

Lanthier Winery is a big supporter of the Madison- Jefferson County Humane Society. Find out more on low-cost veterinary services for cats and dogs, our S.N.I.P. Clinic and other services & advice.

(812) 701-3717

Visit the Madison - Jefferson County Humane Society on Facebook


The winery has taken on the role of temporary mom and doctor to several animals over the years. Some of the more memorable are Tweeter and our famous kitty, Miracle. Don't be alarmed if you see us bottle feeding a kitten or helping a bird learn to fly in the gardens, we just can't help but love all of the creatures that wander into our garden.

Insects, Snails & More

The winery has been able to create several different habitats for all types of animals over the years. From toads and snakes to snails and butterflies, we strive to promote thoughtful gardening with the education of how bees, worms and more are necessary to your garden's success.

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