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It is 2018 and we have too much glitter up our noses

Every year around Halloween there is a twinkle in the air, not in our eye... the air. That is when the boxes and totes and more totes make their way into the winery and we begin the massive project of FESTIVAL OF TREES. Everyone LOVES the Festival of Trees and honestly we do to but there comes a point that glitter is no longer beautiful and exciting, but rather unavoidable. You breathe it, you wear it and at times you feel like you are a walking disco ball, but when the customers come into the winery in AWE it makes it all worth it. (insert AWE sweet sound)

Now that the New Year has arrived we are now in the midst of tearing down all the glittery beauty and again set ourselves up for more glitterific days. The ornaments are packaged, the glitter is plenty and we bring the winery back to is non-Festival of Tree design as the Cellar Tasting Room until next year. We had 317 trees this year and next year we will have a new array of trees to display, but until then we want to thank everyone for visiting the winery during the holidays, enjoying our holiday release wines - Rudolph Red, Snowflake White and St. Nicholas Blush - and until we have the trees and décor put away please be patient as the glitter settles and we convert from magical festival glitter fairies. Happy 2018 and we can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.

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