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  • Lanthier Winery Master Gardener Tami Hagemier

Spring Bloomers

Guests always ask how we get our gardens to look so colorful especially in early spring before winters icy fingers have let loose of her frost, cold winds and late season snows. The trick is in selecting the right bulbs for the right location. Most bulbs of the same classification will bloom during the same season but not all bulbs will bloom at the same time. Some will bloom early, some late.

For example in the daffodil family, Lanthier’s Master Gardeners have planted February Gold and it holds true to its name, blooming a bright yellow late February to early March. About 5-7 days later the darling bright yellow Tete a Tete blooms mid-March while Ice Follies and King Alfred are the big giant showstoppers by late March and early April. Mid-April brings a show of mixed colors from the lovely yellow and orange red bloomers of the Poets Narcissus and our beautiful, brilliant, gold split cups like “Fried Egg”. Late Aprils warmer days give way to the lovely pink and salmon shades found in Pink Pride and Blushing Lady’s blossoms. By the first of May, Tahiti’s double orange and yellow petals draw guest’s attention and light up the North West garden along with many of our favorite tulips. Signaling the passing of springs warm days and cool nights, by mid-May our miniature daffodils are lining the rock edges and standing in line with newly planted annuals such as begonias and marigolds. Finishing out our daffodil season are the intensely fragrant, creamy clusters of Narcissus Erlicheer. Also known as the summer daffodil Erlicheer, this beauty wows visitors early to mid-June.

If you want to learn more about spring gardening or daffodils be sure to save the last Saturday in April and join us for our Annual Spring Celebration Festival. Lanthier Winery’s master gardeners offer free workshops, hands on classes and of course the Annual Great Divide is a favorite time for Midwest gardeners who scoop up Lanthier Winery’s extra daffodils, prolific perennials and join in the fun as staff and visitors get down and dirty giving away extra plants and bulbs to our many guests.

Fun Facts:

  • Daffodils are part of the Amaryllis family; the large flower bulb that people purchase around Christmas because of their large red blooms.

  • Jonquils, Narcissus, Daffodils, paper whites and Lent Lilies are all closely related and most interchange the words to mean the same. Although each variety is slightly different in traits, the word daffodil is used as a general description.

  • Daffodils symbolize rebirth, are the 10th anniversary wedding flower and if given as a gift are said to ensure happiness.

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