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  • Lucy McTurner, Guest and Hospitality Associate

Lucy Says Goodbye – happy memories make it easier

January 2018, I walked into Lanthier Winery for my first day of work. Right away I met Gandolph, one of the many winery cats. If you have ever met me, you would know right away how much affection I have for cats. So of course, I fell in love with Lanthier Winery because of Gandolph. Soon he became part of my daily weekend to-do list; as part of my job I required to give him love and attention throughout the day. Since it was clear I now worked in an animal friendly environment, I also made sure Khaleesi, our one and only winery dog, wasn’t giving Gandolph any trouble. Khaleesi loves to wrestle and stir things up a little with the cats; she works hard to get a good HISS out of him. Khaleesi is also our door greeter; as soon as she hears the bell from the door she will start honking her pig toy and greet everyone with a big wag of her tail.


In May 2019, I graduate from Hanover College, leaving Madison, and Lanthier Winery will need to find a new cat supervisor. There are a few prospects in line, but Tami will find the best person for this very important winery job.  One of the best things our guests like is Lanthier Winery’s pet friendly policy.  You can bring your well behaved pet into the tasting room and s/he will be given fresh water, a dog treat or even a dash of catnip.  Sometimes wine tasting waits so we can all welcome our furry friends.  I’m proud to have worked for a business that is so pet friendly and supports the Humane Society. We were a spay-neuter registration site and local residents visited the winery to get special certificates for low cost spay neuter.  Each year the winery donates over ten thousand dollars to the Humane Society.  So when you come to visit be sure to bring your fur family members.  They will be very welcome.

In addition, over my time here at the winery, I have met some pretty awesome people who have given me memorable stories. While working, with the staff, I have grown into a special bond with each one. Staff, are what have made my made my weekends working at the winery great. Although I get made fun of for eating my pizza with a fork and a knife constantly… these are people you need to meet here at Lanthier!  They are truly wonderful people.  Of course the wine is amazing here, but the people and their stories are what really make Lanthier a place to remember.

With this chapter of my life coming to a close, I am thankful for the opportunities that the winery has provided for me and the people I have met along the way. I will always remember my days working behind the counter, serving wine to the loyal Lanthier Winery customers,

and the days of holding Gandolph and protecting him from Khaleesi’s harassments. Again thank you for the laughs with coworkers, and the friendly customers that make Lanthier Winery a wonderful place to be!

Humane Society
Animal Shelter

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