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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

May Day, May Day

So spring is finally here which brings May flowers, green trees and lots of showers and the end to a lot of student’s college days. The students are now getting ready to graduate and move on with their new life adventures.

Hanover College - Hanover Indiana

Working on a college campus and getting to know the students makes this time of year bitter sweet. Being a member of the Hanover College campus safety department, I get to help students when they lock their keys in their rooms or in their cars. When their car needs jumped, when it’s pouring down rain, I escort them to where they need to go. When they are sick and they need some medical attention after hours I am there to help them. When I see them out sometimes we just talk about their lives, their families and where they see themselves after they graduate.

I also work at Lanthier Winery where we try and employ at least 4 college kids a year who have turned 21; it gives the students a chance to work in a business with lots of opportunities to help them excel in their future dreams.

I’m always excited to see May come because I know we are looking at warmer weather. I am also sad because I know there are a lot of students that once they graduate I will never see them again. Social media has made it easier to keep in touch with some because of Facebook and Instagram but it’s still not the same as interacting and being a part of their lives every day.

It’s fun to watch the students change over their four years here on campus. Some come in shy and afraid to talk, others come in ready to take on the world. I like watching them grow out of their shells and finding their place on campus.

I do have a lot of students I stay in touch with who live all over the United States and they invite me to come and visit and stay with them so I’m thinking once I retire I have a lot of traveling I need to do.

So after graduation there are going to be a lot of tears shed, some happy and some sad. Mine will be happy for all the accomplishments that the seniors have done to get where they are so far in their life. The other side of me will be a little sad for the faces that I will miss so much. I just wish them the best, and hope they all achieve their dreams and goals that they have set for themselves without too much heart ache and struggles. Here’s looking forward to another freshman class coming in September, and me being here to watch each and every one of them also grow and achieve their goals and dreams for their future.

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