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10 Easy to Grow Plants for Outdoors


Daffodils at Lanthier Winery

With Spring in the air, it’s a perfect time to get started on those landscaping projects. To make things easier even if you're new to landscaping or always on-the-go, you can still have a great-looking yard by using the ten easy-to-grow plants for outdoors covered here.

Daffodils: Bulbs That Pests Don't Eat – Lanthier Winery has over 10,000 daffodils which consists of several different types and colors. These beauties are a welcome guest in any garden. More information on daffodils:


Lenten Rose: Low-Care Shade Perennial – One thing to like about this plant is that the blooms last so long without any help from the gardener. The color is very dramatic and adds quite the flare in a shady spot.

WHAT? It isn't even a rose, it belongs to the buttercup family. Find out more about the Lenton Rose -


Impatiens: Annuals Are a Beginner's Best Friend – This plant is an excellent choice for beginners. Not only is it easy to grow but it adds color to an otherwise drab spot.


  • The name impatiens comes means impatient in Latin, because the seed pods can be so impatient to open up

  • During the course of its life, the impatiens undergoes a sex change! When the flower first opens, it is male; when the the pollen shell sheds, the flower becomes female!

  • Jewelweed, a type of impatiens, contains anti-inflammatory and fungicide properties, and is often used as a herbal remedy for bee stings, insects bites and skin rashes

  • In ancient China, impatiens petals were mixed with roses, orchids and alum to make nail polish


Angelina Sedum: Covering Ground With Color – This ground cover hosts a beautiful shape and bright yellowish green color. Plant this were it can grow since most ground covers take off and spread without any help.


Hydrangea: Long on Looks, Short on Care Requirements – Much like the Lenten Rose, the Hydrangea’s blooms last all summer long without any maintenance. Different colors are displayed in the gardens at Lanthier and are a must see for their brilliant showy blooms.