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  • Bridget Wulle, Hospitality Team

Racking Wine

Besides my awkward chubby stage, I have always been a relatively small person. Being fully aware of my 5 foot nothin’ stature, I have fully accepted that there will always be things I can not reach; and I will inevitably always look like a toddler.

Since I have started working at Lanthier Winery, the first few awkward days, Mulligan would try not to laugh and would always nervously giggle when asking if things were stacked too high or if I needed a ladder to reach things around the winery. Since he became more aware of the fact I am not easily offended by the height questions or jokes, he has had a much more enjoyable time laughing at me when I can not reach the top shelf; and making sure everyone knows not to stack anything too high or I might need a step stool to reach. Just today, he asked me to restock some wine and waited to laugh because he knew I would struggle to reach the top.

Bridget on a Ladder

When I came in one Sunday, after a very tiring and long weekend, Mulligan so nicely informed me that we would get to rack over 1,000 bottles of wine for that morning. YES I SAID 1,000 BOTTLES. So, when we were racking, he would go back to get more bottles while I would stack them in the shelf, it was quickly realized by him how well I fit myself into the shelf to stack the wine. Before I knew it, I was trapped completely inside of the shelf, surrounded by boxes and had no way out. The next thing I knew, Tami was running in there to take a picture of me, because Mulligan went and found her to tell her how well I fit into the shelf and how funny it was that I was all the way in there. After some good laughs, we eventually made it through the stacking of all the wine. The moral of the story; if you want to work at Lanthier Winery… try to be over 5 feet tall so you don't get stuck inside the shelving.

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