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From Chuck E. Cheese to Wine? A Weird Career Path

bridget AKA Chuck E Cheese

Over the few years I have had jobs, I have had a few very interesting choices. My very first real job that I ever got was working at Chuck E Cheese. I got hired at Chuck E Cheese as my first job when I was a sophomore in high school. On my training day, when it was time for someone to be Chuck E Cheese (every hour on the half hour during the day) the supervisors decided to make one of either me or the other guy training with me be Chuck E and do the dance. The other guy that was training with me, literally idolized that mouse, so he was thrilled and asked if he could be Chuck E for that time. I nicely obliged with his request to be Chuck E, however, when he went to put the costume on… he was a bit too large for the suit.. Soo I got my first experience putting it on, and being Chuck E. I am rather short and the suit was too large to fit me. I couldn’t see out of the head and was running over children left and right and trying to do a dance I had not yet learned. Talk about traumatizing. I then worked at the cash register for the most part, stocking the salad bar, and being Chuck E whenever necessary. Needless to say, my career at Chuck E Cheese only lasted for about two months.

After working at Chuck E Cheese, I moved on to being a life guard at a local pool for a summer. Besides being yelled at by the patrons at the pool (for telling basic rules) and cleaning the occasional diaper out of the vents, my time at the pool was not a bad job to have for the summer. FIND A CLASS TO BECOME A LIFE GUARD! CLICK HERE

Prerequisites for lifeguard training include:
  • Students must be at least 15 years old by the last day of class

  • Students must pass a pre-course swimming skills test prior to taking lifeguarding courses

Now I am sure the big question from all of this experience is what I spend my time doing now.

Now, working at Lanthier Winery I have a lot of neat and different responsibilities. When working behind the counter at Chuck E Cheese, it took some serious self-control to not eat all the candy that was for prizes for the games, I now use that improved self-control here at Lanthier to not eat all of the candy and cookies Tami loves to keep stocked all around the kitchen. Some of the new skills I have learned while working at Lanthier include; petting all three of the cats and dog and now spending all my time writing blogs. Both things, I would not say I have never really even considered doing before or thought I would be doing when I started working at Lanthier Winery. I have also been able to work on my dusting, mopping, and raking skills. And now I would say, I am now almost a pro at handling all my responsibilities here at Lanthier Winery.

I have not yet had to wear any mascot costumes or clean and dirty diapers while at Lanthier Winery, but there is still time for me to grow here, so who knows what I will end up doing next. I am sure as I write more and more blogs, I will update any responsibility changes that may occur while I am at Lanthier Winery, or, if we decide to come up with any new mascots that allow me to get back to my roots mouse as a mouse or maybe even upgrade to something new… like a cat or dog....but hopefully not.

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