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  • Julie Canfield Lanthier Winery Hospitality

My Inner Animal

When I was asked to write about my inner animal it threw me for a loop. I could go in several different directions – some disheartening and some uplifting. The internet has a ton of information out there about a human’s connection with an animal. There are personality tests (check one out here) that will detect your inner animal. There are quotes from here to eternity but each one means something different to each of us.

12 ways pets improve your health

Religion dictates how we feel about animals as well. Some believe animals have no soul therefore they will not enter the gates of Heaven. While others feel that Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven if animals were not present especially the ones that have meant so much to us while we are living. In today’s society, I am sure there is a neutral category that just doesn’t give a darn. We definitely live in an “It’s all about me” society which makes things extremely difficult if you have four legs and no voice.

I cannot imagine a fulfilled life without an interaction with a furry creature on a daily basis. They listen; they calm us down and spend most of their short lives patiently waiting for human interaction. A recent article from the American Psychological Society says that according to studies, individuals who interacted with pets for more than five minutes had lower scores on stress and higher scores on a positive mood as compared to those who interacted for five minutes or less. That kind of sums it up doesn’t it? Yet let me be perfectly clear, I do not feel everyone should have a connection with animals – some folks are just not cut out for that type of interaction.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by “animal lovers” and consider myself an “animal advocate”. It’s nice to get up every day and work in an atmosphere that considers furry creatures to be just a normal part of a daily work environment. Puss a Roo, Gandolph and Fraulein the cats have as much personality and you and me. Khalessi the door greeter and the beloved Lanthier dog is smarter than some folks. She proves it daily by her warm personality, continuous tail wags and waiting patiently for the famous “Tami bone.” I probably should put a disclaimer on that statement. Those milk bone dog biscuits are a no no for poor Mulligan, Khalessi’s human companion yet she seems to magically “find one” several times throughout the day.

If there had to be a “moral” to this story, I would say my “inner animal” would be not just one creature but the heart of all. I would aspire to live my life daily with no judgements, only patience and love. What a wonderful world it could be if everyone felt this way yet I am blessed to be surrounded by cohorts that share in a world view of animal kindness and care for all.

Madison-Jefferson County Humane Society

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