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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

Election Day, Election Day

So the General Election is always on the first Tuesday in November, the poles open at 6AM and close at 6PM. This is the Election that most people come out for because you don’t have to declare a party, you just go in and vote for the people you want. Some voters still go in and vote straight ticket wither it be Democrat or Republican but I think in small town government they pick and choose from both parties because they are either friends or family members. The General Election is where you vote on local, State and National candidates who have been decided on in the Primary election.

I’m on the ballot this year for a Town Council seat in my home town of Hanover, Indiana so I’m excited but also nervous. It’s always a roller coaster of emotions and stress that as a candidate you go through during an election. I know going through just my small election is stressful I can’t imagine running on a National level. This year for the 2019 election it’s just a local election there is no one running in the State or National level. When you have just a local election you don’t have the turn out like you do when it’s a National Election. Next year 2020 is the Presidential election so that’s when you can’t listen to a radio station or a TV station without a hundred campaign ads running.

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