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Holiday Punch Recipes

Everyone knows all about Lanthier Winery’s holiday wines. Our most famous is Rudolph Red. Guests enjoy it chilled or warm with a bit of mulling spice. It tastes just like Christmas. But there are other wines that make great options for holiday parties. You can serve them for sipping or follow one of our easy recipes for quick and easy holiday celebration cocktails and punches.

Visitors at Lanthier Winery

Snowflake White- one bottle of Lanthier Winery Snowflake White with one two liter jug of sprite makes a great champagne substitute. You can garnish with frozen grapes for a special holiday touch.

St. Nicholas Blush is a wonderful choice for any holiday party or dinner. Most persons will enjoy its middle of the taste spectrum. It’s not too hard and not too soft but when mixed with one bottle of club soda and one can of pink lemonade. This citrusy treat is wonderful for holiday brunches. You can add rum if you like for a heavier but delicious wine cocktail.

Cranberry Grande’- one bottle of Lanthier Winery Cranberry Grande’ award winning wine and one two liter jug of ginger ale- you cant substitute lemon lime – but you can use seltzer water if you prefer something a tad dryer. Garnish with frozen cranberries.

Festival Cherry- this wine is perfect for holiday celebrations because one bottle is combined with TWO – 2 liter jugs of lemon lime soda. Use an off brand for the best flavor. Sprite and 7up don’t give the same results. Simply combine one bottle with the 2 jugs and enjoy the ruby colored fruity punch that is perfect for any Christmas celebration. Great for office parties or gatherings where you want to serve cocktails but don’t want a lot of alcohol consumed. Cherry Spritzer is a very economical cocktail. One bottle of wine and two -2 liter jugs gives you a gallon of punch.

With the party ideas and drinks now taken care of, once you have your Lanthier Winery wine, make sure you know office holiday party etiquette and even some tips on how to wrap the best Christmas gift ever - Bottles of Lanthier Winery wine! Wrapping Tips for Wine Bottles

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