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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

Christmas Shopping: The Scramble is Real

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I hate to shop for people because I never know what they have, what they like or what they want. I have fourteen grand kids so I’m thinking about Christmas shopping all year long. If I don’t start early than I’m scrambling at the last minute to try and figure things out. I have four kids and their spouses that I have to buy for. I’m lucky that my two daughters and my two daughter in laws love wine. The Rudolph Red and the Mill Street Red from Lanthier Winery is their favorite, so me working there makes that part of shopping fun. My grand kids are from the ages of twelve years old to twenty two years old so I’m all over the place trying to figure out what to buy them.

Rudolph Red at Lanthier Winery
Rudolph Red at Lanthier Winery

I’m one that likes to buy meaning full gifts that they can keep or pass down. My mom bought me a Pandora bracelet and she gets me a charm for my birthday and Christmas every year, I almost have it full. It’s hard to do that for my family because they are all so different. I don’t think any of them like jewelry so I’m at a loss to figure out what to buy this year. I’m usually buying them sweat shirts or some type of jacket but I want it to be special this year. I guess since I’m getting older I want to get them things that mean something and they can keep to remember me by.

I know with my family now that my kids are older and they all have different likes it’s more about just being together at the holidays than anything else. My grand kids tell me just to give them money or a gift card so they can pick out what they want. I keep thinking it makes me a bad grandmother because I’m taking the easy way out but it’s probably better than them just throwing it in their draw or in their closet. Maybe one day I will figure it out and Christmas won’t be so hectic for me. So I hope all your shopping days are successful and you find the perfect gift. Make sure to stop in to Lanthier Winery and pick up some of your Christmas gifts and check out the trees it will defiantly put you in the Christmas Spirit.

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