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Lanthier Winery & Distillery Premiers Youth Works Program

Participants offer skills and training to Town of Hanover, Indiana

Madison, Indiana- Jefferson County, Indiana – July 19th, 2022 – Lanthier Winery and Distillery premiered its Youth Works Program to Hanover Town Board Tuesday, July 19th. Tami Hagemier, Lanthier Winery and Distillery’s CEO, introduced seven of ten Jefferson County youth, ages thirteen to eighteen, which were selected to participate in an elite, eight week summer employment/ internship opportunity through Lanthier Winery and Distillery’s Youth Works Program. The program allows young, Jefferson County community members to gain real life work experiences through many different hands-on, learning opportunities, project management, interest exploration, and community outreach. The program’s first year successes lead to expanding the enrollment to ten youth workers in 2022. Emma Boomershine, Lanthier Winery and Distillery’s Marketing Coordinator, stated, “This summer, we were excited that Lanthier Winery and Distillery’s Youth Works program had a large number of applicants. Unfortunately, we were only able to accept ten since the program is so demanding of both the young staff members and our mentor team.”

Travis Wilson, Lanthier Winery and Distillery’s Youth Works and Landscape and Outdoor Special Projects Manager said, “Our youth works team members have been working hard at becoming community leaders. They have had to persevere though many difficult physical tasks and uncomfortable weather conditions to strengthen their confidence and ability to complete jobs.” According to Wilson, “Team members learn many different skills throughout the eight week program including hard work, timeliness, goal setting and team work, but they also must develop leadership skills such as teaching, public speaking, project management as well as self and peer evaluations.” Tuesday’s presentation was an important milestone for many in the program and a first time experience with public speaking for several on the team.

The community outreach part of the Youth Works Program was inspired by Jack Heckler, a 2021 enrollee who wanted to help an elderly community member who was struggling to manage her back yard. Heckler was tasked with developing a schedule, budget and plan for the project before leading a team to address the issues. 2022 team member, Nate Trier said, “The Youth Works Program has taught me a lot; I’ve learned many valuable skills, like landscaping, rock wall stacking, and property maintenance, but the program has also taught me many life lessons, like how to work with people, become a leader, and coordinate a project. These skills are invaluable and will help me long after my time in the Youth Works Program.” Tanner Roberts, a second year team member said, “This has been an amazing program that has helped me learn more about what I may want to do later in life and has been a great way to build my resume and confidence. Youth Works has given me a better understanding of employer expectations and what it is like to be in a work setting. The program has also helped me to be more active and has given me a productive way to spend my free time in the summer and on Saturdays during the school year.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, team members introduced themselves and described a unique talent or skill that the town board might find helpful. Lanthier Winery and Distillery will pay all expenses and employee wages, making any projects free for the Town of Hanover. The Youth Works team discussed landscaping and gateway design, woodworking, project management, community beautification, as well as spay/neuter programs, marketing, website creation and community art efforts as possible projects. Town Board members were also invited to request special projects for the team to lead.

Young Persons interested in applying to next year’s program must submit a resume, with parental consent, and complete a one on one, as well as a team interview. Students must maintain a C or better grade average and adhere to a team code of conduct. Youth Works wages/scholarships begin at ten dollars an hour for a twenty-five hour work week. Outstanding performers are offered additional hours and the possibility of permanent, or part-time, employment scheduled around school and sports obligations, until graduation. College students may apply for a different program which pairs young adults with a mentor for the duration of their college study. Area businesses interested in starting their own Youth Works Program are invited to reach out to Travis Wilson, Lanthier Winery and Distillery’s Youth Works Program Manager, for information and support.

About Lanthier Winery & Distillery’s Youth Works Program

The Youth Works Program was established in June 2021, and was created to support and enhance opportunities for outstanding young persons in Jefferson County, Indiana. Summer jobs and internship opportunities are opened to young men and women, ages 13-18. The program’s goal is to provide individualized, goal directed internships which help participants gain real-world work experiences as well as develop leadership confidence and experience. Parents/guardians play a key role in helping define initial goals, but team members ultimately must direct their individualized program with the guidance of their mentors. Throughout the course of the summer, team members are tasked with many different physical work assignments, as well as community outreach and personal growth experiences. Program participants are expected to take on new challenges regardless of age, gender, or past experience. First day assignments include learning to safely drive a bobcat and teaching fellow team member’s safety and team work skills. Expectations are higher for workers who have past experience with the program; they must provide additional guidance, supervision, and training to first year team members. Team members are expected to complete self-evaluations and are tasked with learning how to effectively evaluate, communicate concerns, and provide constructive feedback to fellow team members in order to nurture continuous personal and team improvement. Team members receive additional performance bonuses, based on mentor and peer evaluations, throughout the program.

Lanthier Winery & Distillery’s Community Support Programs

Lanthier Winery and Distillery, in Madison, Indiana, is a favorite award winning winery and distillery destination for travelers visiting the Midwest. Lanthier is one of the oldest wineries in Indiana and is celebrating 28 years in business; making it not only Jefferson County’s oldest winery but also its first distillery. Lanthier holds more wine medals than any other Southeast Indiana winery and has been named to ‘Best in the Midwest’ four consecutive years. Lanthier Winery and Distillery recently began a 1.5 million dollar project in Hanover, Indiana to expand their production facilities. Along with this expansion project, they will be the first distillery in the nation to utilize cutting edge technology to enhance their continuous distilling process. In addition to the business’s many awards and achievements, Lanthier Winery and Distillery funds numerous community beautification projects, Humane Society programs, community fine arts programs, holiday events, youth sports programs, environmental causes, Girl Scouts, local poverty relief and charitable causes for families and individuals in need. They contribute to numerous foundations and have established two local community endowments including Madison Area Arts Alliance and the Rita J. Miller memorial fund for small charitable causes. In the last 28 years Lanthier Winery and Distillery has contributed over one million to local area causes.


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