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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

The Loft: The Hidden Treasure

I love working at Lanthier Winery, we have the greatest employees and Tami and Chris are the best to work for. I can truly say we are all like family and enjoy being together. One of Lanthier Winery’s little treasures besides the wine and the garden is our loft. Most customers when they come to the winery don’t realize that the Loft holds some very unique treasures. The Loft is set up with four booths so you can go up and have a glass of wine with family or friends. We don’t serve food but a lot of our visitors will bring food in and enjoy the wine with some cheese and crackers or a pizza from a local establishment. I get the pleasure of setting up the art work in the Loft for customers to enjoy. Some items are for sale but for the most part it’s just to look at. So I will start with the most popular event which is the Festival of trees. We have at least three hundred and fifty trees decorated and on display starting the day after Thanksgiving. Then when January comes around and all the trees are taken down we have our Quilt display. This is another favorite of guest because during the winter what better to do than sit and quilt and drink wine. So coming to see our quilt display could give you some good ideas for a new quilt to make. Now here we are the first of April the quilts come down and we set up our Picture Perfect display. This is pictures taken at the winery and around Madison of flowers in bloom and some of the beautiful buildings that are Historical to Madison. July brings us Colors Abound, which are pictures that can be of anything as long as they are vibrant.

We all look forward to our Harvest Festival the last weekend in September because Tami lets us go shopping for the Loft Gallery. We try to find very unique items that will be a perfect fit for the themes that we have in our Loft.

Right now I’m working on framing some art work by Artist Eric Phagan, which we hope to get on display later this year. So make sure the next time you’re in at the Lanthier Winery you tour the upstairs and let us know what you think. We are always looking for new ideas to display. Hope to see you soon!


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