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Semi-Sweet Wines


This fragrant, fruity wine is one of several grape varieties grown in our Vevay Vineyards. Premiered autumn of 2002, this popular wine sells out every year. Tami's favorite.

Cranberry Grande

Softly sweet with cranberry finish, perfect match to game hen, quail or roasted turkey. Natural choice for holiday feasts or celebrations or hostess gift.

Rifleport Red

Enjoy the fruitiness of the Chambourcin grape in this semi-sweet red. Excellent with pasta or steak. Released in 2007. Stacie's favorite.


This refreshing, semi sweet, Catawba’s name means gathering of blossoms. Serve with quiches, grilled trout and battered catfish. Comparable to a Zinfandel.

Festival Cherry

This wine with aromas of cherry pie, smells sweeter than it finishes. This gold medal winner is a magnificent wine cooler and pairs naturally with chocolate. Ask for the Cherry Spritzer recipe. Deb's favorite.

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