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Wine Talk with Sherry: Shawna Askin

It was a beautiful day at Lanthier Winery so I decided to take Khaleesi (our human/winery dog greeter) and let her run for a few minutes. I began talking with this wonderful young lady who introduced herself as Shawna Askin and her friend Jason. I then asked them if they would mind me interviewing them about Lanthier Winery. Shawna began talking about how much she loved coming to Lanthier Winery and how her friend Jason had brought her here for the first time eight years ago. She said the very first time she had been to the winery, she was instantly in love. Shawna just enjoys walking around on the grounds, looking at all the beautiful flowers and smelling the fresh scent of the Hyacinths in the air. While strolling through the gardens she loved all the little nooks and hideaways, where you can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine with a friend.

We began talking about of all the different wines here at Lanthier Winery. We have something for everyone - Dry, Semi Sweet and Sweet. I asked if Shawna had a favorite wine that she enjoyed. Her face immediately lit up and said of course! My very favorite wine without a doubt is “Chautauquablumchen.” Shawna prefers her wine to be on the dryer side, but also just a little hint of sweet, which make the Chautauquablumchen a perfect match. It has a sweet/dry but not too sweet taste and is very refreshing.


I also spoke with her friend Jason during the interview, and he commented that he loved to bring Shawna here for a little get away and to enjoy the flowers this time of year. Jason is also a wine lover and prefers dry wine. His choice of wine today was Rivertown White - our double Gold medal winner that is similar Pinot Grigio.

During our interview Shawna mentioned that she has been to our Schocolade Celebration that is the Saturday before Valentine's Day (or on Valentine's Day). She talked about all of the great handmade chocolates that were beautifully displayed that day, and how it was all complimentary from the winery. What could be better than chocolate and wine right? All in all it was a great day of wine, friends, and chocolates to soothe the pallet.

Jason mentioned that he has come to the winery a few years ago for the Festival of Trees. He began to tell of how there were over 350 trees at the winery, and how each one had a different theme. “It is amazing,” and something you don’t want to miss if you have the chance. I asked Jason if he had a favorite tree that he liked, and it was the wine tree.

It was a pleasure talking with Shawna and Jason, and they both assured me that they would be back again to enjoy another day at Lanthier Winery soon!

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