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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

5 Grilling Tips for the Perfect Steak

Grilling Steak

I don’t know about you but I could grill 365 days a year if I could. I love the taste of food on the grill and it is so much healthier for us. I used to get nervous when I was cooking chicken or pork on the grill because I was always afraid that I wasn’t going to get it done enough. That led to me getting my meat over done causing it to be tough and chewy.

Tip #1 is to go and buy a Digital probe thermometer to make sure the meat is done. It takes the stress off of you and your meat stays juicy and moist.

Tip #2 is to buy some long grilling utensils so your hands are not over the open flame when you’re trying to flip or turn your meat on the grill. When you open your lid there’s a lot of heat that comes out so you want to be careful.

Tip #3 is to preheat your grill for about 10 minutes on high. After 10 minutes I turn it down to a medium heat to cook.

Tip #4 is to find a good marinade for your meat or a good rub. This helps keep your meat moist and juicy and flavors your meat. I experimented with different rubs for my chicken and pork till I found one that my family loves.

Tip #5 is when your grilling vegetables use a heavy foil and spray with a light oil. I then place my vegetables on the foil and season with my favorite seasoning. I wrap the foil around my vegetables to keep them from drying out while my meat is cooking.

My best tip of all is to stop in at Lanthier Winery and grab a bottle of Rifleport Red to go with your meal. If you’re doing chicken or pork you can’t go wrong with the Rivertown White. Happy grilling and when you stop by Lanthier we love to hear about your grilling experience and any tips that you might have for us.



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