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Local Artist Commissioned for Garden of Art

MADISON, IND., July 8, 2017 - Lanthier Winery is pleased to announce Brenda Shropshire as one of two artists awarded a commission this year for the outdoor garden gallery at the winery. Shropshire has shared her talents with many through social media where she has captured the beauty of Madison and Jefferson County. A member of the Madison Area Arts Alliance, Shropshire focuses on outdoor photography and painting and has visited the winery on several occasions and captured a unique view of the winery gardens and existing art.

Shropshire shared her photos with the winery on social media and captured the interest of the owners, Chris Lanthier and Tami Hagemier. "Over the past year or so Brenda has been gracious enough to share her talents with us on social media and has always created amazing photos, while adding her own twist through editing and capturing the photo through her artistic vision. The winery is excited to have Brenda's work on display in our outdoor gallery and add to the ambiance that thousands enjoy each year," stated Hagemier.

"I view my work through the lens," commented Shropshire, "and then, through editing, I create a unique view that brings out the beauty that is already there. Many times people ask how I created such beautiful photos, but really the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes it just takes an editing enhancement or an angle of the shot to show people and open their eyes. That is what makes photography so rewarding." In addition to photography, Shropshire also enjoys painting landmarks, landscapes, scenery and portraits. "First, I'm going to be working on a painting for Lanthier Winery and I want it to express the feel of the gardens surrounding the winery itself," continued Shropshire.

Shropshire is a Jefferson County resident and has a large following on social media through her photography work she has shared. Sharing her work now at the winery Shropshire explains, "I am excited to display my work at Lanthier Winery along with other talented artists and add my artistic style to the already amazing outdoor gallery."

Photographers, painters and crafters of all talents, frequent the magnificent French country gardens surrounding Lanthier Winery year round in search of ever apparent inspiration. Nationally recognized artist Eric Phagan was the first of many talented painters to complete an original work of art for Lanthier Winery's "Garden of Art." The outdoor fine art gallery is an interactive educational fine art experience and is one of Madison's favorite public gardens. Admission to the outdoor garden gallery is free and open to the public 7 days a week from sun up to sun down.

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