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Indiana's Little Holland at Lanthier Winery

Each fall Lanthier Winery Master Gardeners plant 15,000 TULIPS - every color, every size,so 'Little Holland' can bloom in Madison, Indiana at 123 Mill Street. We have tulips planted in every nook and cranny in the garden, and out by the road and sometimes even a stray that gets in the wrong garden bed. Come 'sniff our bloomers' in April when our tulips are in full bloom and enjoy all the different varieties and colors.


FUN FACTS - In 17th-century Holland, the new tulip was such the rage and fashion that a handful of bulbs was worth about $44,000.

- There are over 75 recognized species of tulips and over 3000 varieties have been discovered.

- Meaning of "Tulip" is late 16th century: from French tulipe, via Turkish from Persian dulband ‘turban’, from the shape of the expanded flower.


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