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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

Grandkids are the Best

I want to take a few minutes and talk about how blessed I am to be a grandmother to 14 fantastic grandkids. My grandkids are all just about a year apart in age, so they were all close and it was fun seeing them interact during vacations and Holidays. The one thing about grandkids are they are so honest when they are young. If I was having a bad hair day, or maybe my shirt didn’t match my pants if one of them was around they wouldn’t hesitate to let me know.

I love to spend time with them and now that they are getting older I find they have other things to do so I’m always looking for thing to do with them that they will enjoy and not dread just because I want to spend time with them. One thing we love to do is go to movies, my grandsons love the action movies and my granddaughters love the tearjerkers. I go to both, but I’m more partial to the action ones.

I can always count on them to go out to eat with me, and we like to try different foods so that always fun.

Shopping is a must for back to school, its funny the grandsons are like get in and get it done where the granddaughters want to make a day of it. The older I get the harder the all-day shopping is getting but with the grandkids getting older I can set and let them go find what they want then they call me on my cell and tell me where they’re at. That makes shopping so much easier now.

Ice cream is another way to get my grandkids to go with me, I mean who can turn down ice cream. We used to do family vacations when the grandkids were younger but now everyone is so busy that everyone’s schedules are different, so no one can go anymore on vacation all together. I’m looking forward to retiring here in the next couple of years, so I will have more time to do things and I will be able to work around their schedule. I have a list of things I want to do one is going to Harry Potter World at Disney, another is to go to an escape room somewhere, they say those are so much fun. I have a couple of grandkids that’s never flown so I want to take them to Florida to the beach and spend a week I think I can get at least half of them to do that hopefully. I want to go white water rafting and maybe some hiking in the mountains. I want to make some good memories with my grandkids for them and for me. Life is short and it’s important to stop and smell the flowers a long the way and I want to do that with my grandkids they are definitely a gift from God!


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