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  • Julie Canfield Lanthier Winery Hospitality

New Kid on the Block

Coming from a single household for many years leaves you very sole sufficient. You learn to do everything on your own, but working at Lanthier Winery is nothing like my normal. You hear words like “How can I help you?,” “Let me get that for you,” “We appreciate your help,” and lots and lots of “Thank you’s.” The staff as well as the management team is exactly that – a team.

Quilts at Lanthier Winery

A few of my first days were in the Loft Art Gallery with Debbie. I had to inventory and organize several years of exhibits. There are four exhibits in a year. It starts with quilts during Winter Warm Up then Picture Perfect is the spring show, followed by Dimensions in Art and Colors Abound in the fall. The final exhibition is the Festival of Trees and it draws tens of thousands each year to Lanthier Winery. It’s a spectacular event that is recognized as one of the top 10 holiday destinations in the nation. All this in small town Madison Indiana!

Right now I’m learning how to help customers select their favorite award winning wines and introducing them to all the interesting things about Lanthier Winery. I talk about the gallery, wine, the gardens, our great events and of course our pet friendly policies. I’ve been able to work in the garden a few times. I never knew dead heading could be so tough until I was responsible for pulling more than 1000 fading daffodil blossoms. That was only one flower bed. The winery has more than 25 thousand daffodils and another 15 thousand tulips. So I’ll be the queen of the dead heads by the end of May!

Lanthier Winery is Madison’s most popular locally owned tourist destination. Only the state park sees more guests. Its great to work at a place that has received the Lt. Governors Hospitality Award, been named as one of the top 10 winery destinations in Indiana and is the most popular tourist destination in Madison. My coworkers are great; they smile, they laugh and they treat people the way they would like to be treated. A lot of care, consideration and love lives behind the red door at 123 Mill Street. Thanks for having me folks and yes the “Golden Rule” still exists at Lanthier Winery. When you stop by be sure to “Watch your step!”

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