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  • Debbie Kroger - Human Resources Manager

Patio Living

Okay, can I just say how much I love my patio? It is my happy space and we all need one of those. I love to grill out so since my husband doesn’t cook in any way, shape or form he was more than happy to give me a roof over my patio. Especially when I was always coming up with an excuse why I couldn’t do steaks on the grill (which by the way is his favorite food). I was always telling him it was too wet or cold for me to get out there to cook. And let’s face it steaks in an oven are not even close to being as good as on the grill. 50 Grilled Steak Recipes

Then my fantastic son-in-law, who is very handy with building, made me a bar to go around my grill and added shelves under it and a place for a small refrigerator. Let me tell you I was one happy girl. I love to read so I was spending as much time out there relaxing and enjoying my books as I could. But I’m one of those girls who loves to watch a good movie to and so then I was trying to figure out where I could put a TV. Well what better place than behind the outside bar on my patio, it’s under a roof so I wouldn’t have to worry about rain. Just a few holes in the siding right, and maybe some electric outlets for my TV and why I’m at it I need an outside wine fridge. I mean I work at Lanthier Winery a place that has the best wine, Festival Cherry being my favorite, I would definitely need a wine fridge.

My husband and I have four kids and fourteen grandkids so when we all get together it’s where we like to hang out play games, watch TV and eat. My patio is big enough for about 20 people as long as you don’t mine setting close to someone.

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Our kids keep telling us we need to screen it in and figure out how we can use it in the winter time, but I like to set out there when the breeze is blowing or when there is a lite rain coming down on the metal roof it’s my heaven here on earth.

So I wish that everybody could find their happy space where you can relax and enjoy your down time. Life is very hectic and I know because I’m one who works two jobs and stays busy all the time. So if you can find your happy space whether it be on your front porch or under a tree or maybe on your couch make sure you have a great glass of wine when you find it.

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