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  • Mulligan McCarthy - Master of Blinkers & LEDs

Exterior Christmas Lights: the most satisfying display of headaches

It all started when I opened my mouth and suggested that we put lighted garland on the fence behind the bottle wall. Now I have complete control over the light extravaganza in Lanthier Winery’s garden. Now, I cannot pass a Christmas light display without meticulously evaluating its design. My family saw what I had done this past year and my mom said, “I now see why you do not want anything to do with setting up decorations at my house!”

The positive outcome of all the hours spent planning and stringing miles or lights (literally over 5 miles of Christmas lights), throughout the Christmas season is I get to watch families enjoy walking through the gardens in awe of how precise the layout is. To hear people, talk about how painstakingly the color scheme, and the placement of decorations must have been makes it all worth the grey hair I have now. Of course, the display was not set up by me alone. My friend Dirty, from Hanover College, came to work for me. With his help and the help of the other staff members I can put on something that thousands of people talk about all year round.

Do you know how to wrap a tree in Christmas lights? I didn't either but with a little (or ALOT) of trial and error you too can become a tree light extraordinaire. Click here for information and tips for lighting a tree.

hula hoop balls

Last year I was appointed to head up a committee that designs light displays for the holiday season in Madison Indiana. Wonderland in the Park was a huge hit and so were all our newly created light sculptures and displays. May favorite was the hula hoop balls. In 2019 I’m ordering a sculpture for our gardens we fondly call the “pole licker” as well as designing over a dozen new light sculptures that will be set along river road; over the holidays the name be changed to Wonderland Drive. You can check out Lanthier Winery’s ever changing exterior displays and Wonderland Drive from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Lights shine dusk to 11pm 7 days a week.

Find out more information on Wonderland in the Park - click here

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